Sunday, November 12, 2017

30 Days of Proverbs: November 12th

November 12, 2017
Proverbs 12: Love Learning; Take Wise Advice

"She who tills her land will have plenty of bread,
But she who pursues vain things lacks sense."
Proverbs 12:11, pronouns changed. ::wink::

Dear Katie Of The Here And Now, 

This is Past Katie. 

I needed to sit down here and give you a pep talk before you get your work week started tomorrow because I KNOW YOU and I have some advice you need to hear. So go top off that cup of coffee and let's talk a while. 

You know that overwhelmed, frazzled, Stressed Out To The Max feeling you get in your gut around 4:00 every Wednesday afternoon? The one that tightens in your chest and puts a brick in your brain when you stop to look around at where the week has taken you? 

The living room Is a disaster zone. You've got two loads of laundry getting cold and wrinkled in the dryer while another wet load begins to smell like eggs as it sits in your washer. There are books on every flat surface of the house yet you still find yourself two chapters behind in your World History book. The To Do list you sat down and painstakingly wrote on Sunday afternoon has had one item crossed off it while about seven more have been added to the bottom. The kids need baths before church tonight, you haven't looked at your Bible Class curriculum to teach and they're currently sword fighting in the kitchen. 

You want to cry. I get it, I really do. 

But here's the thing I need to ask you: WHAT LAND HAVE YOU BEEN TILLING THIS WEEK? Where have your priorities been these last few days? Where do you want them to be? Are these answers lining up?? If you're pulse is racing and you've got a headache above your right eye- I'm guessing the answer is No. 

And Hon, bless your heart- you need to get yourself together. 

Stop freaking out. Exhale. Take a few minutes and figure out what you want to do well this week. WRITE IT DOWN. Do you want to focus on Phonics? Devotionals? Discipline? Housework? Budgeting? Multiplication? Laundry? Don't pick them all- pick two. Maybe three. Then once you've written them down, MAKE DOING ONLY THOSE THINGS WELL your field for the week. 

Then give yourself permission NOT to do it all well. 
Allow yourself to get behind on a few things so you can focus your efforts and energy on doing other things better. Pray about the areas you want to devote your attention to this week. Pick things to work on and then WORK ON THEM FIRST. Before you go to bed at night, look at your written priorities and ask yourself if you pointed your efforts in that direction that day. If you did, sleep peacefully. Don't let the other little things you may have not done that day hover over you. If you didn't- don't sweat it. You'll get a fresh start of it tomorrow. 

I hate to see you drive yourself and your family crazy with your perfectionism. This verse reminds me to remind you to till your land- but to make sure you're not plowing up your entire life fields every week. Take it easy. Focus on the important, eternity focusing tasks at hand. The rest are just details. Do a few important things well. Forget the other junk. I promise you'll have a better week for it. 

Older And Wiser Katie From The Past 

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