Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Remember Memory Verses?

Growing up, on Sunday morning my palms would sweat like crazy. 

Because we had to recite our weekly Bible verse IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CONGREGATION. When Sunday School was over and before worship would begin, our teachers would walk us into the auditorium and we’d sit as classes on several of the front pews. Our awesome preacher (my Dad, wink) would call everyone’s attention and then we would stand up AND TURN TO FACE ALL THE ADULT PEOPLE and repeat that week’s memory verse aloud. Sweet merciful heavens I’m pretty sure that’s what gave me my first ulcer. 

But not really. 
Just almost. 

What is it about Bible classes for kids and memory verse recitations? I mean, I’m a teacher now and my kiddos get one every week. Still. And all these years later, I’ve come full circle in the Verse Memorization Cycle. 


“Incline your ear to hear the words of the wise,
And apply your mind to My knowledge;
For it will be pleasant if you keep them within you,
That they may be ready on your lips. 
I have taught you today, even you.” 
Proverbs 22:17-19
(emphasis mine. Obvs.) 

When did WE, as adults stop learning memory verses? I mean, LOOK AT VERSE 19. The whole point of studying and learning and reciting and remembering is that He wants us to use that to BUILD OUR TRUST IN HIM. 

When is the last time I memorized a new verse? 

I am a HUGE FAN of verses on index cards. And PostIts. In my kitchen. And living room. And bathroom. And pantry. I’m pretty sure I’ve put them in the garage before. Bless. 

Here in our new house the paint is different and tape WILL NOT STICK like it did at our old house. I’ve used some PostIts on doors secured with ticky tack and removable glue dots but it wasn’t successful so I sort of journaled my new favorite passages and just stopped there. BUT NOT ANY MORE.  I just went into my online grocery buggy and added WASHI TAPE to my list. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that 16 months ago!! 

::face palm::


I am planning on filling my doors and light switches and windows and mirrors again with His word. The ones at the kid’s eye level I’ll print in bigger, more easy to read letters so they can get in on the action too. Matt’s gonna come home again to rooms filled with Sll The Scripture. Maybe I’ll put one in his office! A super mushy one from Song of Solomon. 
::heart eyes::

You see, I’m learning and healing and trusting so much in this season of growth God has placed me in. I am grateful for the lessons and discipline He has put in my path because they’ve made me better. And now it’s high time I bring back my Sunday School Sweaty Palms. Bless my nervous heart. 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Mamas, They Are Watching

Mamas, they are watching us.

Every day.

When our back is turned or we’re washing the dishes or chopping onions or putting away laundry- they’re there. In the bathroom? At the door waiting. Taking out the trash? On your heels? Speaking to an automated telephone system? Always in the background interrupting the prerecorded menu selections.

They see how we spend our time. They peek over our shoulders to look at the Pinterest recipes we save and the funny videos we watch of kittens trying to jump off couches or the Golden Girl GIFs we text our friends. They watch us add items to our online grocery order and delete the 749 Yankee Candle emails that are clogging up our inbox. They see all things, y’all.

But what else do they notice?

This girl has been getting up every morning, spreading out a blanket and gathering every index card and post it note and hilighter she can put her hands on. She grabs her pink Bible, spreads it all out on our living room rug and then asks me to come sit with her so she can study “like you do in the mornings, Mama”.

::heart explosions::

Well, IF THAT DOESN’T PUT THE WEIGHT OF MOTHERHOOD ON MY HEART, nothing will. And sweet merciful heavens, it’s heavy.

She’s hilighted her way through Genesis and John. She’s found some verses in Psalms that she’s copied to help her when she’s having bad dreams or a hard time going to bed at night. She’s reaching out to Him for help because she sees He is the anchor in my life.

Knowing how far reaching our examples are is big stuff, y’all. It’s humbling to know that there are three souls in my house who’s view of the world is being directly and primarily shaped by ME. A woman who forgets laundry in her washing machine for two days and one time thought it would be a great idea to Armor All her car floor mats. It was like driving with your feet in grease.

THIS is why I want to study every morning. This is why I have to spend time in prayer before the kids wake up. Beginning my day with Him ensures me that all the million ways I can mess it up are covered by His Grace. Christ is the only good thing about me. Without Him I’m a hot mess. Let’s be honest- WITH HIM I AM A HOT MESS. It’s just less glaring.

Y’all, I don’t know what 2020 holds for me- but I can tell you that I’m paying a lot closer attention to the path God is laying out for as I walk it this year. And I can’t wait to see where it leads us. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Forget About The Schedule, Yo.

Are you already lagging behind in your 2020 Bible Reading Plan??

I started my Chronological plan over near the beginning of last year, but studying for our Ladies Group that meets at my house on Fridays (SHAMELESS PLUG- You should come! I fix the coffee. LOTS OF IT.) and working on the kid’s Bible classes on Sundays and Wednesdays this quarter and getting sidetracked with a study our Adult class recently did on angels- I AM STILL IN AUGUST. 

Does this bother me? 
Do I have a rash? 
A fever? 
Unexplained lightheadedness? 

You’re working on more than a reading plan! 
You’re building a RELATIONSHIP with God THROUGH HIS WORD. He doesn’t care if you’re on track HE JUST WANTS TO MEET YOU THERE. So if you’re flustered about your empty check mark boxes- DO NOT DO THAT. Your Momma raised you better than that, bless her heart. 

Just keep at it. Every day. For two days. Then five. Then a week. Fortnight. Month! 

Before you know it you’ll be digging daily into His Word without thinking about it, wondering why on earth you don’t feel anxious anymore. Or why that heaviness in the back of your neck feels better. You’ll fall asleep excited to wake up and drink your coffee with Him. Or to settle in for the night near Him with some peppermint tea, a notebook, hilighter and a Pilot G2 05 pen. 

(There is no better prayer/Bible journal pen out there. THIS PEN IS PERFECT and I will never be otherwise convinced. Not that I’m dramatic or anything.) 

Chin up, friends!! YOU ARE SO GONNA ROCK THIS. And if you’re having a hard time getting started LET ME KNOW and I’ll cheerlead you through it. 

I have pom poms and everything. 

Have a great week, y’all! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

I Got 2020 Vision ::insert pun::

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the fresh Blank Slate God has given us.

Make all the goals.
Make the lists.
Make the changes.
Clean that sticky door in your icebox.

But hear me out: THE MOST IMPORTANT habit could be developing this year is one of daily  Bible study and prayer. I’ve been meeting Him here in the mornings since 2013 and it has foundationally changed me more than ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE EVER DONE.

I don’t care if you exercise.
I don’t care if you eat right.
I care if you’re Feeding Your Soul.

If you need help or encouragement or support to develop this as a part of your life- LET ME KNOW. I’d love to be your Barnabas!

Not sure where to start today??

Proverbs 1. James 1. John 1.  Read one. Or two. OR THE TRIFECTAAAH.

Whatever you pick will bless you. He promises us that.

I can’t wait to follow where He leads me this year. And to watch where He leads you, too!