Monday, January 1, 2018

My Prayer For A New Year.

God, thank You for this bright and cold and clear day. 
You have begun a new year with a crisp, clean slate and it is a treasure. 

I look back at last year's beginning and I see how different our lives are- and I recognize that in 364 short days it will be different yet again. Help me to be better for this year's experiences. 

May the new year find me closer to You, closer to Matt, closer to my family. 
 To be a better wife and friend and follower of You. To be a better teacher for the kids. 

I don't know what plans You have made for us this year- walk us through them. Use whatever waits for us to bring us closer to You. Closer to each other. Don't let it push us apart. Defend us from attacks. 

Bless us with growth and good health and safety. 

Let us become more wise in Your ways and more foolish in the world. 

Help me strengthen myself so I can strengthen my family. Give me Comfort and Security and Confidence from abiding in Your shadow this year. 

Bless my humble efforts with fruit that You will multiply. Hold me close to You.  
In Jesus' name, Amen.