Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What Was I Thinking??

It's nearly 5pm on a rainy stormy Tuesday afternoon. It's been pouring for over two hours and the kids are going bananas crazy with the thunder and lightning. Popcorn and puzzle pieces are strewn from here to kingdom come and I'm pretty sure the dog is wearing his leash and I DO NOT KNOW WHY. 

I've been home from Bible Class with zero additional plans for leaving the homestead since about 11:30 this morning and I looked down about twenty minutes ago and realized that I WAS STILL WEARING MY SKINNY JEANS. It's like my brain had temporarily left my body.  My mantra is this: No Real Plans= No Real Pants. In my book, unnecessarily cutting yourself in half with the Denim Demons that are sometimes referred to as skinny jeans is an unforgivable sin. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF IF IT ISN'T NECESSARY??

 I remedied the situation by immediately peeling them off my poor, tired midsection and promptly replaced them with my most steadfast and trustworthy pair of yoga pants. It was like my whole body, no- MY WHOLE BEING exhaled. Bless it. 

I've poured myself a cup of collagen coffee, topped it with a generous squirt of Fat Free Redi Whip and have settled down for 90 minutes of animated Disney distraction with my three hoodlums- I mean "blessings".

The storm is going to pass, supper will get fixed, the kids will bathe and bedtime will come AND UNTIL THEN- my elastic waisted confidant, my caffeinated companion and The Holy Spirit will hold my hand and see me through. 

Hallelujah. Amen. 

::sips coffee::