Monday, July 22, 2019

Obligatory Curriculum Hyperventilation, bless.

It’s only been about a thousand days since I updated things here, BLESS MY HEART, but rest assured- nothing has changed. 

The kids are still loud and messy and awesome. 
Luke’s starting 4th grade, Josie is hitting 2nd and Nathan will be in KINDERGARTEN. 


I’m looking to start our new year in just about 10 days so I’m currently battling all the stress and the planning and the freaking out that I always do at the end of every summer before school starts. 
Good times.

I’m prayerfully planning on how to blog more and record more of our family memories/stories via this medium so if there’s a chance you’re still following along- don’t despair there will be more coming soon but right now I’ve got to go confiscate some butter knives. See y’all soon!!  

Thanks for stopping by- Katie.