Saturday, September 29, 2018

I Know What I Did This Summer

Sweet merciful heavens- WE SPENT THE SUMMER MOVING. 

It's nothing dramatic or earth shattering. We found a house that fits our lives better (Hello there, Office For Husband!) about five minutes down the highway from our old house so we decided to purge all our things, shove the rest into our garage, stage our home, list it, and KEEP IT SHOW READY while teaching and living in it with three kids, a dog, and a cat with a newfound affinity for Stress Diarrhea FOR AN ENTIRE SUMMER. 

Then, once The Lord sent us a buyer after laying out some serious Gideon Level Fleeces, we decided to pack up and move during Labor Day weekend. In Florida. 
ALL THE HUMIDITY AND SWEATING, y'all. We have the greatest friends who helped us move. It was a miserable couple of days. And that's before an apocalyptic stomach flu infected us all. (That's another blog for another day. It was tragic.)

And now, after about a month, we're (mostly) unpacked and settled and situated. Hallelujah. However today I was looking for a framed picture from our old house and I'm preeeeeetty sure I've already opened all our "picture" boxes and it's still for sure MIA. ::shrug:: 

School is going well and the kids are awesome and our new house has a bathtub Noah could float The Ark in. I'll fill y'all in on all the details later, but for now know this: The only thing that kept me sane through this insane tornado of cardboard boxes has been Jesus. THE VERY LAST BOX THAT LEFT AND THE VERY FIRST BOX I UNPACKED was labeled "Katie's Bible Chair". 

It's true. 

I don't know what you're up to these days. You might be moving or schooling or working or nursing or potty training or teaching another human how to drive. Bless it. But whatever you're knee deep in, if you've got Jesus' hand firmly in yours- YOU HAVE SO GOT THIS. And I know this for a fact because I've just lived it. 

And while I'm not personally active on social media anymore, I'd still love to hear from you! If you leave a comment below directly here on the blog I'll see it for sure. I'd love to hear how y'all are and catch up on all the things!! 

Thanks for stopping by! ~Katie 

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